Extraordinary Furniture for Extraordinary Spaces.

Furniture is much more than just a place to sit or work. It helps create movement. It sparks visual interest. Amazing furniture can help create an environment that people love, rather than a place they simply must be in. Extraordinary spaces need something special.

At Euther Group, that is what we do. We create extraordinary furniture for extraordinary designers to create extraordinary spaces.

Furniture for Designers by Designers.

With modern lines and and sense of purpose, every item in our collection was created with Designers in mind. All too often, great Designers are limited by the selection available to them. We know that Great Designers need pieces to enhance their vision, so we set out to create something unique and breathtaking.

Our award winning furniture design team considers every stitch. We scrutinize every curve. We contemplate every detail. We do this to create furniture that feels effortless. And as every great designer knows, there is nothing effortless about creating great design.

Modern Styling. Old-World Craftsmanship. Infinite Possibilities.

At Euther Group, we believe modern furniture should be crafted with the same skill and durability that more classic furniture is. With that in mind, every piece in our collection is meticulously crafted to have years of life where it continues to look as amazing as the day it was made.

Almost as important, every piece we carry is painstakingly designed to be infinitely flexible in its application. From our revolutionary Hexabench, to chairs and tables that can transform in different situations for a multitude of applications, we have solutions that will stand the test of time with timeless appeal.