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Euther Group, Inc.
1715 Whitehall Drive #102
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324
954.533.7075 – Office/Fax
[email protected]


Collection name
Model number including suffix
Model description
Covering material (pattern, grade, color, number)
Pricing, including options
Shipping preference (method, carrier, route)


6818 NW 20 Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Note: All dimensions are approximate. If critical specifications is required, please consult factory. When specifying modular seating, all elements are identified by facing the front of units.


Except as otherwise specified, all Euther Group, Inc. furniture is poly­ wrapped with polyethylene foam padding and shipped in cartons, the cost of which is included in prices.


Euther Group, Inc. will consider, whenever possible, on a project –by ­project basis, requests for variations in Euther Group, Inc. models and will be pleased to respond to customer inquiry as to feasibility and pricing


Because many of the materials Euther Group, Inc. uses are natural materials and therefore, accept finishing differently, Euther Group, Inc. cannot guarantee that finished items will be an exact match to sample from which finish was selected. Not all finishes offered are available for all products: refer to specific product specifications for selections and consult with factory as needed.

Metal: Metal finishes for a variety of Euther Group, Inc. collections include polished aluminum and black epoxy coat as base options. Steel metal frames are offered in metallic powder coat finish as standard, bright and or brushed chrome as special order.


Euther Group, Inc. is pleased to cooperate with requests for special finishes, when the need arises. With an order of five or more pieces. Please consult factory for preliminary approval and processing instructions. Specific upcharges to cover the cost of applying special finishes, or non-standard Euther Group, Inc. finishes, to intended Euther Group, Inc., items are shown in the individual product specifications. These upcharges are in addition to the cost of special finish material, if other than Euther Group, Inc. colors. Custom colors require an additional one-time charge of $60.00 net per color for mixing and customer approvals.


Euther Group, Inc. textiles include a broad selection of companion programs for application on Euther Group, Inc. models, as well as for purchase separately. For Detailed information on purchasing Euther Group, Inc. textiles, refer to Textile Ordering information and prices elsewhere in this price list. Offering of these fabrics does not constitute any responsibility nor any warranty on the part of Euther Group, Inc. as to appearance , behavior, color fastness, or durability of the fabric. Call factory for grading of fabrics not listed.


Euther Group, Inc. offers a selection of fine full-grain and top-grain leathers. Euther Group, Inc. leathers include several varieties with over 100 different colors and are priced within grades A, B, C.

For more detailed specifications of Euther Group, Inc. leathers, please refer to Euther Group, Inc. leather collection price list.

For samples of leather varieties and colors, please contact your Euther Group, Inc. representative or the factory. For custom leather colorations. Please consult factory for leather availability and special requirements.

Because of natural variations over which Euther Group, Inc. has no control, leather hides contain certain marks, scars, scratches, wrinkles, and variations in color, texture and grain which are considered to be inherent characteristics and part of the natural beauty of leather. Euther Group, Inc. cannot be responsible for the size or location of such marks or variations.


Euther Group, Inc. recommends professional cleaning services for all leathers and fabrics. Detailed maintenance information for Euther Group, Inc. leather is available through your regular sales representative or from the factory.

Note: Variations in color between dye lots for both leathers and fabrics cannot be avoided and Euther Group, Inc. cannot be responsible for differences in color or tone between covering material supplied and samples from which choice has been made, or for matching upholstery for separate orders. If color match is critical, request a sample from actual goods prior to cutting. Please consult factory for standard flammability and protective finishing of Euther Group, Inc. Textiles.


Euther Group, Inc is pleased to cooperate with requests for COM/COL Applications. To help ensure a satisfactory merging of COM/COL with selected Euther Group, Inc. furniture re, Euther Group, Inc. requires that the com/col be approved prior to order placement and acceptance.


Prior to order placement a sample cutting of the actual COM/COL must be submitted to Euther Group, Inc. for preliminary approval on an intended item. COL and plain COM require a minimum 3 x 3 sample. COM with a pattern repeat requires a sample large enough to show full repeat. Complete fabric information and special instructions in writing must accompany sample.

Necessary COM/COL information must include the quantity and identification of Euther Group, Inc. model on which the fabric or leather is to be applied, in addition to the following:
Supplier name
Pattern name and number
Fabric width
Fiber content
Weave or pattern direction (e.g., railroading)
Face side of fabric, if similar or reversible
Other details pertinent to submitted sample
Different fabrics and leathers may differ in appearance and wrinkles from showroom samples and catalog photographs when in use Euther Group, Inc. assumes no responsibility for overall appearance, flammability, normal durability, colorfastness, performance or other quantities of customer supplied material on the finished product. Even after, Euther Group, Inc. reserves the right to reject COM/COL including, if necessary, application of com/cot to the selected model.


FABRIC: Unless otherwise indicated, Euther Group, Inc. always applies fabric topped, as shown on fabric sample card. Published yardage requirements are based on topping plain fabrics 52-54′ wide. Plain fabrics 50-51″ wide require additional yardage of 10%; for fabrics under 50′ wide, consult factory.

Fabrics that have a pattern with a repeat necessitate matching and require additional yardage as shown below. Matching patterns requires an upcharge of 3%.

Width repeal increase by
54″ up to 8″ 15%
54′ 8-14″ 20%
54″ 15-19″ 25%
54′ over 20’ 30%
Under 54″ consult factory

Fabrics that are directional or napped (e.g., velvet) may require additional yardage. Please consult factory.

It is recommended that stripes be applied vertically. In the absence of specific instructions from customer, Euther Group, Inc. will use its best judgement in the application of com.

LEATHER: Published square footage for customer’s own leather is based on hides measuring a minimum of 45 square feet; smaller hides and hides containing excessive holes, cuts or other unusable imperfections may necessitate additional seams and could require increased square footage. To determine COL suede square footage, please consult factory.


All goods for approved COM/COL applications are to be shipped freight prepaid. Outside of package must be clearly tagged with the following: customer’s name and project identification yardage or square footage contained in shipment goods, supplier, pattern name and number
Euther Group, Inc. model number and quantity for intended application.

Fabric or leather delivered without prior identification clearly marked on outside of package will be refused and Euther Group, Inc., shall have no responsibility for loss or any other claim.

The manufacture of Euther Group, Inc., items for use with com/col will not be scheduled for production until customer’s goods are received at Euther Group, Inc. factory.


When a specific flammability specification is required, Euther Group, Inc, should be informed of the code to be passed and the method of testing for that particular code. Euther Group, Inc. will determine if specified model will meet that particular code. Flammability requirements of com/col are the responsibility of the customer before the fabric/leather is shipped to Euther Group, Inc.

All foam meets California Home Furnishings Bulletin, #117, Section E, with no upcharge.


California Technical Bulletin 133 requires special construction procedures and some fabrics may require additional treatment for compliance. Please consult with Customer Service for upcharges.